Free Cloud Office Suite with a virtual hard drive


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Open 365 is the open, free alternative to Office365, meaning, it's a complete office suite that's stored on the cloud. It'll let you access a set of tools from any device through your web browser. Also, it'll allow you to use an online workspace where you can use its tools for collaborative projects.

This suite has a number of tools for working with word processors, spreadsheets, and multi-media presentations and thanks to its integration with LibreOffice Online, they can ensure a set of compatibility standards when exporting documents from other third party editing tools.

Even though its completely free online, the true potential for Open365 is its ability to sync system files that allows you to create a single locally stored folder at your choice, and add it to your own private cloud with 20GB of free storage space provided by Open365. This space is easily accessed from its own desktop client (which is the download linked to this program file) or from its browser or smartphone app.
Open365, the free and open alternative to Office 365

Online editing tools that are stored on the cloud are here to stay, whether you like it or not. While initially Google Docs was the place to go when it came to free storage and quality editing tools, nowadays there are a number of other alternatives that go a step further than what Microsoft's online office suite offers. Open365 presents users with a virtual space allowing you to store and sync your data onto the cloud while integrating it with LibreOffice Online. This feature allows you to work with documents remotely and use them as a collaborative tool.
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